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We at the Women in Surgery (WinS) Buckingham chapter believe surgery should be an inclusive field and that Buckingham students should be supported at every step of the way should they choose a career in surgery, which is the role of the surgical society! 

Women have historically been underrepresented in all surgical specialities and this is a reoccurring theme across the majority of medical specialities as well as STEMM fields. The Royal College of Surgeons of England recognises and realises the gravity of this inequality and so the Women in Surgery network was created to bring together a group of women surgical consultants, trainees and students at all levels of training to provide mentorship and share their experiences for budding surgeons.


Our active social media page is a space to share inspiring stories of female surgeons, celebrate their achievements, and empower both female and male medical students to follow in the footsteps of some amazing role models. 

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