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'Widening participation (WP) is a government initiative offering opportunities to groups of people who are under-represented in higher education.' - BMA


WPMN exists to break down these barriers by forming a supportive community where we offer tips and advice for prospective and current medical students from underrepresented groups which include students who: 


  • ​attend a school with low progression into higher education 

  • are the first generation of their family to consider higher education 

  • are from an underrepresented ethnic group

  • are from a low socio-economic group

  • have a disability 

  • are a care leaver  

  • are a carer


Why become a member?

1. It's FREE

2. Connect with doctors and medical students across the UK in our community  

3. Receive 1:1 support from the committee through our messaging service 

3. Be the first to hear about our events 

4. Find out about nationwide opportunities in our monthly newsletter

5. Have full access to all the forums 


Eligibility criteria 

1. Prospective medical students from an underrepresented group

2. Current medical students from an underrepresented group

3. Doctors from an underrepresented group or with an interest in widening participation 


If you would like to be a member but do not fit the criteria above, please get in touch.

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